iZugar MKX22 3.25mm f2.5 Fisheye Lens (MFT Mount)

iZugar MKX22 3.25mm f2.5 Fisheye Lens (MFT Mount)

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The iZugar MKX22 3.25mm f2.5 Fisheye Lens is a super fisheye lens with an impressive 220˚ range of view. Footage from multiple cameras using this lens can be used to stitch together a 360 / stereo (3D) / 180 view. 

This Spherical Fisheye Lens with a full circular 220° viewing angle visible on many MFT sensors, makes for perfect shooting of VR & immersive content with multiple cameras. See the spec sheet below for compatibility with some major brands. This is the first 220˚ for Super Fisheye Lens for MFT systems

  • Designed for Micro Four Third Camera such as BlackMagic, Panasonic GH4 / GH5 / GH5s / GX85 or ZCam E1 (iZugar Custom Edition*)
  • Works with other cameras by using a MFT lens adapter
  • High resolution, for 4K and beyond
  • Extra slim design for better parallax control
  • Bright aperture

Raise your game with Virtual Reality

The MFT Fisheye-iZugar 3.25mm f/2.5 achieves an ultra-wide picture angle of 220° while remaining compact and lightweight. Its unique fisheye bending effect with edge-to-edge sharpness opens up entirely new compositional possibilities for virtual reality video making. You can get parallax more easily compensated, reduce the number of cameras needed yet maintain high quality output.

This lens has been designed to work with an electronic shutter for video and stills. Do not use this lens with a mechanical shutter for stills photography (eg GH5/GH5s). In testing we found the lens barrel protrudes quite far into the camera and could interfere with the mechanical shutter mechanism. This is not an issue for video shooting or shooting with the electronic shutter. Testing is advised when using the lens on any cameras not listed below. Please take care when attaching and detaching the lens. As we test more cameras with the lens we will add compatible items to the list **. 


iZugar MKX-22
10mm full circular
Micro Four Third mount (MFT) 
f/2.5 (fixed)
10 / 11
Angle of View (MFT-4k)
220 X 150
Angle of View (Zcam 2432p)
195 X 195 X 220

Angle of View (GH4 2880 1 :1)

220 X 220 X 220
Angle of View Sony A7R2 (super35 mode)

220 X 220 X 220

*with a MFT-NEX adapter


Compatible Cameras

  • Panasonic GH5
  • Panasonic GH5s
  • Panasonic GH4
  • Panasonic¬†GX85
  • ZCam E1 (iZugar Custom Edition*)
  • BlackMagic (see crop via spec sheet)
  • Sony A7R¬†mkII (with a MFT-NEX adapter)

Instruction manual

Spec sheet and more info

Download demo footage (coming soon)

*iZugar MKX22 fisheye compatible with Micro Four Third Camera such as BlackMagic, Panasonic GH4 / GX85…etc
However, for ZCam E1, iZugar can only guarantee the iZugar MKX22 fisheye quality with ZCam E1 – iZugar Custom Edition. 

**We accept no responsibility or liability for damage to equipment because of, but not limited to, improper use, mishandling, incorrect mounting, user error or use with cameras that have not been listed as compatible. While all due care is taken when compiling this information we recommend people do their own research on suitable product pairings and compatibility.